Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hi , sorry for not blogging , was freaking sick & tired of it .
today woke up at 9am bath then trained down to yishun meet snow white, she is late for 1hr ah i waited for so long she over slept .. but im not angry with her maybe because i love her so much . we walk back to north point study at KFC :D AIR CON FUCKING COLD TO THE MAX ME & SNOW WHITE WAS FREEZING COLD we study till 3pm ate japanese food at food court , i love it :D the food is nice ... i wonder why snow white ask me ( if guy like me will i be happy ) i said no , then she ask me ( if i like u will i be happy ) then i replied depends :D then after lunch she send me to mrt then we go home :D
im so bored now :(


Mood : HAPPY

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eyes Set To Kill

Listening to Darling by Eyes Set To Kill
God thanks for telling me the answer ...
I will try to let go Of snow white

Monday, May 31, 2010

Dish one & two  for F&N
3rd dishes 

Currently listening to 安静 by 周杰伦
Just upload the dishes i cook today for F&N :) turn out well & awesome did chicken rice , agar agar & soup 
I'm having a slight fever thanks to christabel , she pass it to me :) 
Hmmm.. during practical was a blast , mrs tan remind me 3 time that my chicken isn't cook when i bring it to boil for 2 times she very nice help me to microwave till cook , i wonder if she will minus marks :( 
after practical stay in school until 12 . then went home , bathe & eat medicine & sleep .. sick people do that all the time . :( seeing doctor tmr . my mum was like asking me " if i wanna go school or not " 
i told her This year is my major exam i can't skip school as i have played for the pass 5 months in school wasn't serious in learning because at that point of time i was wanting to quit school , but i change my mind after parent teacher meeting if this year i can't make it i will re take my n-level  ! so must work hard , yknow i wanna study , no body give me motivation except myself , My mum use to discriminate me " what ever i do i will never make it " of cos i do get disappointed but what to do ? work hard lah ! K. im like having a terrible headache since this afternoon when i came back home until now , idk why recently i having headache ever since exam until now , just counted that i finish 2 packet of panadol in 2 months time . :( 

笑着难过 自我惩罚 
别告诉她 我还想她 


Sunday, May 30, 2010

I hate myself for leaving church halfway during service , yknow :(
Just to go off like that is as good as not being respectful for God , i hate myself to the core now :( seriously am i doing the right thing ?  k after leaving church met up with nicholas & his 2 bff , he gonna get me a RED CONVERSE SHOE for my birthday thanks ah . Hais after church slack for like 30min with Nicholas then bus down to toa payoh & to bishan , meet up with Christabel , bought for her eye liner , wah my mum's eye liner is much cheaper yknow cause she bought it during sales :) Haha , after bishan me & bella train down to yishun eat sushi for lunch :) K didn't speak to her much yknow fucking shy to the max ! LOL I wonder why when ever i meet up with Jake or shari i will be the earliest person to turn up when i meet up with bella , i always late , second time already . i think God is trying to tell me that it is not fate... hais wtv :(

Just fried my stir fry broccoli , nice to eat yknow :)

k im tired , enjoy my day with bella , bought black converse shoe at taka with my mother :)

shen :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Hi , today woke up went bathe change & went to cousin house stay there from 10.30am to 4pm fucking boring but nvm , pray to my grandfather. :) Hmm Stone & sleep in the house for 1hr . then slack around and play with my dad iphone ! :) then message christabel ..

Haha can't wait for my sushi date with christabel on sunday <3



Thursday, May 27, 2010

I really hate parent teacher meeting , screw it :( Some mother fucker said things about the friend that i mix with ( trying to hint to me that it is a bad company ) You know i can hardly click with anyone except Jake & Shan ?! I really hate that mother fucker so much asking me to mix with thoes people can study hinting to ( ANNE YEO ) it's my choice that who i wanna hang out with right ? I know that mother fucker is trying to help me but i can't do what she says .... hais ...

Had breakfast with mama & papa after parent teacher meeting this st nick girls fighting sit for me ! guess what my mother fight back & everyone at macdonals stare at the st nick girls , hello : first come first serve so what you are in st nick ? your mother never teach you not to steal seat from people right ? self-fish peopl fucker  ......

I really want to forget you ...
Mood : Fine  


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here I go again - I promised myself I wouldn't think of you today.

Just got home not long ago . Had founder days mass pretty boring , then was recess & chinese . After school went to Plaza Sing with Mei Ting & Olivia , i was very quiet while having lunch with them because im depress about  something .... My mood is killing me right now i really need to have a good cry . Olivia said this to me , "i'll be there for you but my shoulder will not be there for you to lean on ..." HAHAHA , but thanks olivia ah :)
3 DAYS MORE TO GO to get over C !! Jia Yo!!!
1. Do not texted C
2. Do not hang out with C
3. do not talk about C
4. do not hug C ; I can die sia if i don't hug C
5. do not see C
6. Do not care for C

Gonna make myself happy & not to emo anymore cause it's not worth it !!! but i ain;'t that strong to hang on anytime any moment i will eventually cry in front of my friends , if i can't controlled myself seriously i hate myself for loving C. Forcing C to accept me is also not call " love " hais , sheryl better slap yourself hard to wake up & get over C lah !! Don't let C affect your daily lifestyle . in the morning i wake up i wish C was just beside my bed , at night when it was time to sleep C was right here under my arm . I wish i can see C every day , but yeah . That's not gonna to be happen :( Oh well im going to force MYSELF TO GET OVER C , BUT I'm not gonna cut myself for C anymore , it is not worth it ...

Life is for having fun. Don't be stupid and waste it on some guy/girl who is gonna act like he/she hates you tomorrow. Never waste it on some one who doesn't want their friends to know they're in love with you. Don't give that person the rest of you tears or a month or a year of your life when he/she treats you badly and doesn't mind to make you cry. Every person deserves some one who wants to brag about them. Every person deserves some one who makes them smile and laugh at their worst moments. We all deserve at least that.