Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hi , sorry for not blogging , was freaking sick & tired of it .
today woke up at 9am bath then trained down to yishun meet snow white, she is late for 1hr ah i waited for so long she over slept .. but im not angry with her maybe because i love her so much . we walk back to north point study at KFC :D AIR CON FUCKING COLD TO THE MAX ME & SNOW WHITE WAS FREEZING COLD we study till 3pm ate japanese food at food court , i love it :D the food is nice ... i wonder why snow white ask me ( if guy like me will i be happy ) i said no , then she ask me ( if i like u will i be happy ) then i replied depends :D then after lunch she send me to mrt then we go home :D
im so bored now :(


Mood : HAPPY

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