Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm sick & tired of my old blog . So I've decided to create a new blog . Have no idea why i name my link as " snow white " it really remind me of C.
School is super boring had lesson for the day , pay 101% during maths period , during chinese lesson was a killer had like 2hr of chinese lesson Tan Poh Yoke gave us Sec 3 paper 2 to do for 1hr30 min , after that she gave us paper 1 as homework , bloody hell .. Oh Mrs Kunna giving 4/10 , 10 different maths examination of paper to do during the holiday crazy ... after school went to AMK WITH ONG HEE HAW " BETTINA TAN " MY brother in christ . I love her a lot you know she make my day !! Went K box & sing all my ranie yang song betty & olivia was shock that i can sing " cantonese song " HAHA . I LEARN how to sing by myself. :) Me & betty sang what do you want from me like more than 5 time funny sia :)

Seriously I enjoyed myself with Olivia & Bettina

Cheer up olivia siah , ( I'll always be there for you when you need a shoulder to lean on ) I love you k ? Pick me , pick me .....

It's going to be 6 months soon I'm afarid that i can't get over C.

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